Fun For Everyone!

Final Hall Collection20-Sep-2018

The hall will be available for donations of QUALITY used items for our Book stall, Treasure Trove, Bargain Boutique (clothes), Craft and Toy stalls.

Donations can be left inside the hall from Sunday 30th September.  Please do not leave any donations before this as the hall is being used for the St Josephs Year 12 Graduation ceremony and other activities.

There will be a section inside the hall that will be used for donations.  Please keep the area inside & outside the hall clean.

Please do NOT leave the following items (we do not sell them and they create extra work for our volunteers to sort and throw out)

* magazines, encyclopedia's, old text books

* CD's, DVD'd, tapes

* underwear, damaged or dirty clothing

* incomplete or broken toy sets

* electrical items

Next Fair:

Sunday 21st October
8 am - 2 pm

At: Primary School grounds of, Our Lady Star of the Sea


165 Surpentine Road,
Terrigal NSW 2260